Why Wood?

Wood requires the least energy in the manufacturing process. Wood has positive benefits during its useful lifecycle. Wood has the least environmental impact at the end of its intended use.

Service Excellence

Our stellar combination of decades of construction industry experience, modern technology and a talented workforce ensures that we have a good understanding of our customer’s needs and the quality product.

About Our Doors

Design and size flexibility with many profile and panel options to suit the needs of your application.

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We specialize in the manufacturing of stile and rail wood doors for residential and commercial projects with specific or unique design requirements.

Passage Doors

Passage Doors.

Interior Doors. Exterior Doors. Entry Units for Residential and Commercial Projects. Eclipse Folding Door systems for wide open living. Rate Doors & Frames. Pre-Hanging & Hardware Preparation.



Beaded Panels. V-Groove Panels. Wainscot Panels. Perforated Panels.

CNC Custom

CNC Custom.

Nested Panel Cutting. CNC Drilling. Custom Components. Signs & Engraving.

Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Doors.

Stile & Rail Doors. Mitre Doors. Applied Moulding Doors. MDF Doors. Valance Panels. Wainscot Panels.